Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favorite Blankies

I never understood my younger cousin's obsession with her blanket when she was a toddler.It'd been a full-size receiving blanket but ended up a mere piece of worn, frazzled cloth she affectionately named Corny. She carried Corny with her all day and took Corny to bed with her every night.

One particular Corny episode stands out in my mind. We'd all gathered outside for a picnic. Relatives were everywhere when my aunt put us on alert. Corny was missing! Abandoning hot dishes cooling and mayonnaise in salads we rushed to help find that sliver of material. Homes were searched; cracks down sofas and chairs explored. Favorite play areas were scoured; my cousin's bed and bedroom torn apart. What seemed forever ended in a squeal of delight when Corny was found by my little cousin herself. Turned out she'd been looking at one of her books and dropped Corny on a page. She then closed the book and went to another. Later on as I ate cold hot dogs and drank warm lemonade I remember thinking what a little brat this cousin of mine was. I'd throw that crappy piece of what was a blanket away if I was her mother.

Turn the clock ahead to when my daughter was a toddler and she and her cousin were staying at my mother's for the night some eighteen miles away. I made sure she had extra clothes, toothbrush, some books and her favorite cereal for the morning. I thought I remembered everything. That is until the phone rang about 2 a.m. My daughter was screaming; in a panic. I forgot to pack her blankie. She loved her Duckies. She carried Duckies with her all day and took Duckies to bed with her every night. I couldn't believe I forgot to make sure her mere piece of worn, frazzled cloth named Duckies went on the overnight too. Without skipping a beat I ran to her room. I found Duckies under her bed. As I raced up the road I remember thinking back to my little cousin and her Corny. It'd come full circle and I was now the mom in a panic.

Truth is we all can use a favorite blanket some times. Do your kids have-or did they have-favorite blankets too?

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