Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Sunflowers" Poem-and more!

Snarly Sally is busy writing more summertime fun poems! Snarly Sally loves poems for as she always says, "Poems make me giggle; they make my tongue wiggle!"

by Snarly Sally

Tall and lanky swaying in the breeze,
Carrying on laughing with the Trees;
Making every day bright-
They are truly a sight;
Always smiling without saying cheese!

by Snarly Sally

Where is it that fences really go?
Stretching their thin arms in rain or snow;
Keeping things in and out,
So we can go about-
I guess that is all we have to know!

Garden Etiquette
by Snarly Sally

Since cornstalks grow ears
And since potatoes have eyes-
No Garden Secrets!