Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pickles Tickle

Here's another funtime summer poem from Snarly Sally!


Pickles tickle,
They make your tongue wiggle
Or curl up like a cat
On a mat
After chasing a mouse
Around the house
Hungry no longer
Just a lot stronger
Sort of like-
Pickles that Tickle!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Stories For Children Magazine

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been chosen to join the list of contributing illustrators on the fantastic website for children ages 3-12:

Check it out! It's a wonderful place for kids offering crafts, coloring pages, recipes, puzzles, activities-and lots of stories; some written by kids themselves! I'll let you know when I get my first assignment. That's when I'll really be up on their list!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Funtime Vegetable Alphabet Soup

Here's a funtime summer read written by Snarly Sally to share with your little ones!


A-nnie wanted to make vegetable alphabet soup
B-ut Mother was out of vegetables so Annie went to the garden.
C-arrots were pulled.
D-andelions were stepped on.
E-ggplant was picked.
F-armer Jones brought his hoe.
G-iant potato plants were dug up.
H-anging on the vines were lots of potatoes.
I-nto Annie's bag they went.
J-ust then it started to rain.
K-ittens scurried for cover.
L-ucky for Annie she'd brought her raincoat.
M-other hollered for Annie to hurry before it stormed!
N-ext the wind started to howl.
O-nions were grabbed.
P-eas still asleep in their pods were grabbed too.
Q-uickly Annie plucked green beans and radishes.
R-eturning home, Mother cleaned the vegetables & cooked macaroni shaped like letters.
S-lowly she added them to the boiling water on the stove.
T-hen they waited.
U-tensils were used to scoop the soup into bowls.
V-ery soon Annie was eating her vegetable alphabet soup.
"W-ow this is good!" declared Annie.
"X-cellent," laughed Mother.
Z-ip! The vegetable alphabet soup soon disappered!

More Poems from Snarly Sally coming Soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank You Borders

In the words of Snarly Sally as she thinks about all the funtimes Borders bookstores brought to kids everywhere:
by Snarly Sally

Books take me on great magical rides,
To castles far away.
They take me into jungles and zoos,
And barns so stuffed with hay.

They show me kids from around the world.
They make my imagination soar.
It's such fun where my books can take me,
And I don't even go out my door!

We will miss you Borders!
Snarly Sally

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snarly Sally Funtime Poems to Share!

Snarly Sally loves to write Poems!
As she explains," Poems make me Giggle! They make my tongue wiggle!"

Here are a few Snarly Sally Summertime Poems to share with little ones. When I go into schools and libraries I make a game out of some of the poems. I ask kids to help me out by shouting the word they think fits the end of the poem.

"My Favorite Flag"
by Snarly Sally

I love my flags; I really do.
But my favorite flag is red, white, and ----!

Believe me-they all shout BLUE!!
Have fun!!

by Snarly Sally

Fishies swimming up and down,
Fishies swimming all around.
Back and forth they dance all day,
Playing games that fishies play!

by Snarly Sally

Dancing in the summer fun,
Flowers brighten every day.
They really look so pretty,
As back and forth they sway.

They always make me happy.
They smell so very sweet.
Their colors are so beautiful,
Growing in the summer heat!

"The Garden"
by Snarly Sally

Plant some seeds and watch them grow.
Pick some weeds and use your hoe.

Gardens are fun-delicious too!
They keep you busy-with so much to do!

by Snarly Sally

Bunnies fluffy and so cute,
Hop all about in their cuddly suits.

Going here and going there,
Eating carrots in the summer air.

**A Summer Fun Idea*
After reading the poems maybe your little one could "illustrate" them! Scan the artwork and email to and we'll post on Snarly Sally's website.
Snarly Sally

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

In the words of Snarly Sally, an avid Flag collector at a very young age:
"I love my flags; I really do,
But my favorite flag-is Red, White, and Blue!"
Happy Birthday America,
Your friend,
Snarly Sally