Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check this out!

Funny Girl Designs-creator of all the fun, bright hair accessories made exclusivly for Snarly Sally-has created a terrific Snarly Sally page on her website. Check it out. Go to and click onto Funny Girl Designs-and watch for Christmas headbands and hair clips coming soon!
After the upcoming third book, "The Really Hairy Scary Butterfly Rescue"is released we'll be working on even more related product for Snarly Sally. We understand what it's like to have a little girl who doesn't like to have her hair brushed!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3rd book going to the printers!

At last! We are just about ready to send the pages of the 3rd "Snarly Sally" picture book-"The Really Hairy Scary Butterfly Rescue" to the printer.(Snarly Sally is the little girl who doesn't like to have her hair brushed). Problem with being the creator/author/and illustrator of a little character like Snarly Sally is that after awhile that little character-a product of your imagination-becomes very dear to you. You want everything perfect-every word; every illustration. I've modified her look somewhat for this 3rd picture book. When I drew her for the first book I was green-a novice. It never dawned on me that once I drew her a certain way that was how she'd have to look every time I drew her. The first 2 books have her in a dress. This third upcoming book has her in jeans and a pink shirt-much better. Of course her hair is still as messy as ever and in this book-chuck full of butterflies. (To be released for this upcoming Christmas season!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hairy Stories!!!

Talk about Hairy! "Snarly Sally" knows about Hairy! She's "the little girl who doesn't like to have her hair brushed and she'd love to hear your hairy stories at hair-brushing time. Maybe you were a Snarly Sally; maybe you still are! Maybe your daughter or grandaughter is. Visit Send Snarly Sally your hairiest of hariest hair-brushing experiences and she'll post them-with your permission!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snarly Sally Hair Clips/Headbands!

Snarly Sally-"the little girl who doesn't like to have her hair brushed" is so excited! Her collection of sweet little hair clips and headbands are now priced-up on her site and ready to go-just for your little Snarly Sally! Check out More to come-including the "Snarly Sally Christmas Collection of Hair Accessories" and the 3rd Snarly Sally book-"The Really Hair Scary Butterfly Rescue"-just in time for Christmas!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who is "Snarly Sally?"

"Snarly Sally" is my little character created out of desperation when I would try to brush my daughter's hair. She never liked to have her hair brushed so to try to keep her sitting somewhat still I began to make up stories about another little girl who never liked to have her hair brushed-and her name was "Snarly Sally". It worked and from those early years I've discovered there are so many other little Snarly Sallies-and moms who go through what I went through at hair-brushing time. The 3rd Snarly Sally book is due for release this coming Christmas season. I invite you to check out and learn more about me-about Snarly Sally and watch for more exciting products and downloads for your little ones. Send me your nightmare stories at hair-brushing time and I'll include them in my blog. More to come!