Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snarly Sally Funtime Poems to Share!

Snarly Sally loves to write Poems!
As she explains," Poems make me Giggle! They make my tongue wiggle!"

Here are a few Snarly Sally Summertime Poems to share with little ones. When I go into schools and libraries I make a game out of some of the poems. I ask kids to help me out by shouting the word they think fits the end of the poem.

"My Favorite Flag"
by Snarly Sally

I love my flags; I really do.
But my favorite flag is red, white, and ----!

Believe me-they all shout BLUE!!
Have fun!!

by Snarly Sally

Fishies swimming up and down,
Fishies swimming all around.
Back and forth they dance all day,
Playing games that fishies play!

by Snarly Sally

Dancing in the summer fun,
Flowers brighten every day.
They really look so pretty,
As back and forth they sway.

They always make me happy.
They smell so very sweet.
Their colors are so beautiful,
Growing in the summer heat!

"The Garden"
by Snarly Sally

Plant some seeds and watch them grow.
Pick some weeds and use your hoe.

Gardens are fun-delicious too!
They keep you busy-with so much to do!

by Snarly Sally

Bunnies fluffy and so cute,
Hop all about in their cuddly suits.

Going here and going there,
Eating carrots in the summer air.

**A Summer Fun Idea*
After reading the poems maybe your little one could "illustrate" them! Scan the artwork and email to and we'll post on Snarly Sally's website.
Snarly Sally

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