Saturday, February 19, 2011

Books For Kids!

Before bedtime when my kids were little, I'd let each of them pick out two books. Then we'd sit on the sofa while I read them their selections. Usually they'd hand me the same worn-torn books with the same looks of anticipation. Some evenings I was so tired I'd try skipping a word or two-maybe even a whole sentence. If I was really tired I'd try skipping an entire page but it never worked. They knew every single word; knew every single pause. They'd laugh at the same funny thing; look scared when the same monster crept off the same page. They'd ask the same questions and after the last word was read they had that same look of satisfaction as the night before and the night before that.

I would suspect they would have gotten to bed a little earlier most of those nights if we hadn't had so much fun looking for Richard Scarry's Lowly Worm or again wait to find that favorite monster at the end of a favorite monster book or read about brave Pierre Bear-the bravest hunter of all the north or go under the fence into the wide, wide world with the roly-poly puppy or visit the city mouse with the country mouse or twist our tongues with that cat in the hat or find out who slept in baby bear's bed or escape the wolf with those three little pigs-to name a few beloved stories!

Favorite books are best friends no matter how old we get. They wrap us up and make us feel happy or sad; scared or brave or silly or hopeful or a bit of everything. They entertain. Just like the lovable roly-poly puppy getting under that fence, they expand our horizons in a big world meant to be discovered. Books are for kids-of all ages!

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