Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3rd book going to the printers!

At last! We are just about ready to send the pages of the 3rd "Snarly Sally" picture book-"The Really Hairy Scary Butterfly Rescue" to the printer.(Snarly Sally is the little girl who doesn't like to have her hair brushed). Problem with being the creator/author/and illustrator of a little character like Snarly Sally is that after awhile that little character-a product of your imagination-becomes very dear to you. You want everything perfect-every word; every illustration. I've modified her look somewhat for this 3rd picture book. When I drew her for the first book I was green-a novice. It never dawned on me that once I drew her a certain way that was how she'd have to look every time I drew her. The first 2 books have her in a dress. This third upcoming book has her in jeans and a pink shirt-much better. Of course her hair is still as messy as ever and in this book-chuck full of butterflies. (To be released for this upcoming Christmas season!)

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